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Muammer Yüksel (Mumi)

Co-Founder, Product Manager

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He is the Swiss Army knife of appose - he gets involved wherever things need to be tackled. Today, as product manager, he ensures that the algorithms and the data science pipeline deliver the results that are expected.


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He began his career in the placement business for IT professionals by taking a staffing company in Heidelberg from zero to among the top three in Germany – in under five years. He then turned his back on this company. Why? Because fairness and appreciation in dealing with employees, customers and freelancers were too important to him. "It simply has to fit. After all, more important than the margin is that the freelancer is an optimal fit for the customer and their requirements." Later, he supported Marko Albrecht in setting up a new company, Reutax. Afterwards, he moved on to continue to expand his own company and was active as a co-founder in various startups, all the while developing the first ideas for appose with Marko.

Best Match instead of best Margin!

Gäbe es die Rolle des Feel-Good-Managers bei appose, dann wäre das seine zweite Funktion. Er kümmert sich um das Wohlergehen und schafft die Grundlagen, dass es dem appose-Team gutgeht. Und da ihm die Arbeitsatmosphäre selbst sehr wichtig ist, arbeitet er mit an der Entwicklung von appose mit seinem Ziel, diese optimalen Rahmenbedingungen in die Projekte unserer Kunden zu bringen, indem die Soft Skills und Werte beim digitalen Team-Matching berücksichtigt werden. Er lebt seine Philosophie „Das Leben sollte einen Rhythmus haben und keinen stupiden Takt“ jeden Tag vor. Und dies bedeutet das er auch mal ein paar Wochen ununterbrochen und mit voller Energie an einem Projekt arbeiten kann, um danach wieder in eine etwas ruhigere Phase abzutauchen und neue Energiezu tanken. 

If there were a role for a "feel-good manager" at appose, that would be his second function. He is in charge of overall well-being at the company and creates the foundation for the appose team to feel good. Additionally, since the work atmosphere itself is very important to him, he works on the development of appose with his goal to bring these optimal conditions to our clients' projects by considering soft skills and values in digital team matching. He lives his philosophy, "Life should have a rhythm and not a mindless beat," every day. This means that he can work energetically on a project for a few weeks without interruption, then dive back into a quieter phase to recharge his batteries.


Life should have a rhythm and not a mindless beat

Foto: Redbull-Pitch, 2020

Mumi in a nutshell

Born in 1975, he grew up in Walldorf and had to take responsibility for his family at a very early age. He has taken on many challenges in his life, often trying out new things and bringing them to life. As a classic stand-up guy, he knows what it means to deal with setbacks and is an indispensable rock for our start-up with his resilience.