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Our team

Marko Albrecht

Founder & CEO, innovative spirit of appose. We want to surprise our customers!

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While fulfilling his role as a board member of a leading German recruiting agency, Marko began to sketch out the first ideas for appose. One thing was clear: employees (both internal and external) must be trained further, otherwise they will not be able to meet future competency requirements and will be less successful. The competencies of employees are becoming more and more vital in project teams. For appose, this means one thing: helping customers to put together successful teams. In doing so, soft skills must be taken into account. On Valentine's Day 2019, Marko made a declaration of love to his ideas and founded appose GmbH.


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It surprised me how little companies know about their own employees. We help change that!

Only those companies that have the best employees will be successful in the future. Marko is convinced of this. His work in the recruitment industry, when he recruited the best specialists for his clients and put together successful project teams, reinforces this conviction. However, the situation in companies is more threatening than Marko assumed. In intensive discussions, it quickly became clear that companies have too little knowledge about the competencies of their own employees. They often don't know which competencies will be required in the future to continue to run their company successfully. As a result, they are often not in a position to make good personnel decisions. This is exactly where appose's business model comes in.

appose customers gain an overview of their existing competencies. They are shown competency gaps and given information on how to close them in a targeted manner while taking the future into account.

appose assembles the best teams to make competencies effective – and does so with soft skills in mind. One of appose's main activities is building a multidimensional HR data platform. The data space is the basis for projections into the future and the basis for the developed machine learning components. "Customers and partners are excited about the possibilities of our services. And this is only the beginning!"

We forecast which competencies will be crucial for our customers in the future.

Marko in a nutshell

After graduating as an industrial engineer and spending a year in China, Marko started his IT career in 1999 at an SAP consultancy in Heidelberg. Along the way, he managed international IT projects in a renowned international consulting firm and, as a board member of a software company, developed software for investment management and controlling with and for SAP. Most recently, he rebuilt a leading German recruiting agency for IT and engineering professionals from insolvency. In the process, Marko became intimately acquainted with the business of recruitment and project staffing. Marko started his training as a systemic organizational consultant in 2011 and is a systemic organizational consultant and management and leadership coach according to the Sankt Gallen Coaching Model. Marko brought this wealth of experience to appose gmbH in 2019 and now develops forward-looking solutions in close contact with customers and partners.

The possibilities of our data platform in combination with our machine learning components surprise me every day.