Our team

We are convinced that people remain the linchpin of entrepreneurial success - irrespective of robotics & AI

Marko Albrecht

Founder & CEO, innovative spirit of appose. We want to surprise our customers!

While fulfilling his role as a board member of a leading German recruiting agency, Marko began to sketch out the first ideas for appose. One thing was clear: employees (both internal and external) must be trained further, otherwise they will not be able to meet future competency requirements and will be less successful. The competencies of employees are becoming more and more vital in project teams. For appose, this means one thing: helping customers to put together successful teams. In doing so, soft skills must be taken into account. On Valentine's Day 2019, Marko made a declaration of love to his ideas and founded appose GmbH.

Image background Marko Albrecht

Muammer Yüksel (Mumi)

Co-Founder, Product Manager

He is the Swiss Army knife of appose - he gets involved wherever things need to be tackled. Today, as product manager, he ensures that the algorithms and the data science pipeline deliver the results that are expected.

Image background Muammer Yüksel (Mumi)

Christa Weidner

Co-founder, head and heart of the Freelancer Marketplace

With appose and the Freelancer Marketplace, which Christa conceived and continues to develop in close collaboration with Marko Albrecht, she is fulfilling a dream that she first formulated in her 2015 book, Freelance IT. Her goal is strong and successful freelancers.

Image background Christa Weidner

Nils Keßler

Co-Founder and CTO. Basically the nerd in the team.

As Chief Technical Officer, Nils makes fundamental technology and architecture decisions with the respective experts in the team. Together with the product managers, he plans and structures the solutions. These are implemented with the international development team.

Image background Nils Keßler