No one knows what tomorrow brings.

The biggest challenges today: How do we approach tomorrow? After all, no one knows what will be important three years from now. That's precisely why we use a powerful support system for this: a learning algorithm that we feed with tons of data. One thing is clear at all times: the most important building block for success will continue to be the best employees.

And this is just the beginning ...

You need to have talent.

And find, expand, and adapt it.

What talent exists in my company? Where? And how can I develop it efficiently? A complex task – that appose solves with the push of a button. Competence Map catalogues talent and makes it comparable; Competence Development suggests paths for development, based on market demands. 

No looking into a crystal ball.

But rather at millions of data points.

How is appose able to know the future demands of your market? We use huge amounts of data, from industry studies to training content from over 1200 companies. We process the results & develop a Competence Model for you - with Competence Management you can easily organize the skills required for tomorrow.


It’s complicated?

It’s a match!

Putting together a promising team from corporate values, hard facts and soft skills used to be extremely complicated. Until now: Competence Matching automatically takes all important factors into account - and with its incredibly intuitive user interface transforms trial & error into plug & play.


appose combines internal and external knowledge workers, if desired, by considering external knowledge workers in the project composition. As an external knowledge worker you will be presented with suitable project requests, which you can choose to accept or decline.

You are...

... Team leader

You are responsible for the competence development and motivation of your employees.

  • Get an overview of the competencies of your employees.
  • Develop the competencies of your employees with the help of data-based decisions.
  • Increase the workload and job attractiveness of your employees.
  • Find suitable jobs and projects for your employees.
  • Prepare the annual employee performance reviews.
  • Increase the competency and motivation of your employees. 
We will support you with this!
You are background 0

... Program or Project manager

You have a specific assignment and are looking for a team to support you.

  • Have access to profiles of external knowledge workers, e.g. freelancers.
  • Find the right project members inside and outside your organization.
  • Build your top team with the right hard and soft skills, competencies, culture and personality.
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One click away from your top team
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... a Freelancer

As a freelancer, you want to offer your potential clients competencies that are in demand - today and in the future. 

      • Be found!
      • Receive project postings that match you and your competencies. 
      • Let appose make suggestions for competence development based on the latest market data. 
      • Increase the attractiveness of your freelancer profile. 
      • Be considered for projects that perfectly match you, your skills and your personality. 
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... a Hiring or Resource Manager

Find the right freelancers at the touch of a button and with the best market conditions. 

  • Find freelancers that match your requirements.
  • Have direct access to a freelancer pool.
  • Use common ERP systems, e.g. SAP Fieldglass, to send your RFPs directly to freelancers. (in preparation)
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You are background 3

HR Developer

Develop the attractiveness and profitability of the company's human capital with a future-oriented approach. 

  • Get an overview of your organization's competencies. 
  • Plan employee development using data-driven decisions. 
  • Support competency development in new business areas with the latest market data and analysis. 
This click could be critical to the future of your workforce. 
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"(...) Since we started using appose, we have optimal transparency about the know-how of our employees. And we know exactly who has which competencies in the team. On this basis, employees receive recommendations for their further training, which they can book directly via the connected training catalog. Our employees are just as enthusiastic about this as we are.  (...) " 

Matthias Geyer, Managing Director at Solutec GmbH    

" (...) The Freelancer Marketplace is a dream come true for me as a freelancer. The concept that Marko and I created and are now realizing goes far beyond what I ever hoped for. (...)"

Christa Weidner, freelancer and co-founder of appose.

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