Into the future at the push of a button.

How appose perfectly positions companies for tomorrow. Which requirements are currently important for my company - and which will be tomorrow? And, almost more crucially, to what extent are my employees prepared for them with their individual talents - and how can I promote their competencies accordingly? Developing the competencies of your employees in line with changing business requirements is a fundamental step towards success. And this is exactly what appose helps with: Based on a data platform, the algorithm generates future projections to determine the individual competence requirements of tomorrow.

A data-driven talent strategy

Based on a massive amount of data, our machine learning components (e.g. attractivity score, skill trends) show the current state of your workforce's individual competencies. And not only that: appose also shows you what your talent management should look like in order to meet the requirements of the future.

A personalized user experience

appose shows the ideal path for each individual talent in your workforce. The algorithm automatically generates suitable learning paths, perfect areas of application in the company and within projects, and even provides career recommendations. In the end, both parties benefit: you can make the best possible use of existing talent - and at the same time increase employee loyalty to the company.

Future-oriented flexibility

Based on Big Data, appose identifies the market requirements of the future. Both the training and further education as well as the personnel deployment of the entire workforce is then adapted accordingly. In this way, you can optimally align your company with transformations such as the occupation of new business areas; redeployment, reskilling and upskilling become the daily companions of personnel development.


Our Use Cases