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Learning Innovations: Embracing risk instead of red lights

Marko Albrecht, Founder & CEO, innovative spirit of appose. We want to surprise our customers!

Michael Temme from Mercedes Benz Global Training, Innovative Projects, is Marko's interviewee on the subject of Learning Innovations. A hands-on visionary with clear ideas about the future of learning.


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Michael oversees the Innovation Projects division, ensuring products can be sold and their associated services delivered in 169 countries for both retail and wholesale.

Departing from the watering can principle

In the podcast, the two discuss why it is important to say goodbye to learning by rote and distributing learning content according to the watering-can principle. Instead of focusing solely on numbers, data, and facts, the future will involve shifting the spotlight to the "why" in order to pique learners' curiosity. The use of Artificial Intelligence will render many training contents obsolete in corporate portfolios. According to Michael, Information on Demand will be viable within five years.

Use of AI will clean up training portfolios

Michael and Marko also discuss why it is important and sensible, even for the employees, to collect information about learning behaviour, learning preferences and potential in the context of information. After all, it is also advantageous for employees to develop in tandem with their companies. Despite initial skepticism, employee representation bodies will surely recognize the benefits for both sides and allow themselves to be won over.

The need for more employee learning data

For employees, lifelong learning now involves more than mastering a single profession, Michael points out. Lifelong learning is an intrinsic behavior that accompanies us throughout life and can be complemented by informal learning. When learning is also fun, then it is the icing on the cake. Michael's concluding wish is for us, both as individuals and as a society, to venture into impending rapid changes with a bit more daring and speed, saying, "Don't always put the lights on red, sometimes orange is enough."

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