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Combine competencies.

Competence Matching for efficient team composition

Once all competencies have been identified and elevated to the ideal level, they have to be reassembled for each individual project. Competence Matching makes this easier than ever before: The system generates suggestions for team composition, taking into account both hard and soft skills as well as company values. Especially exciting: appose even shows the probability of success of different combinations - with drag and drop you can find the most efficient team with just a few clicks.

Core functions

  • Posting and filling job offers (individual requests)
  • Staffing of project teams with the best teams
  • Calculation of the probability of success of project teams based on soft skills
  • Simulation of project staffing to identify the optimal employee allocation
  • Messaging service

Project Teams

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Job Staffing

matching 1

Competency Model

matching 2


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