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You are... HR developer and want to develop your employees in a sustainable and future-proof way with the help of our Data Science Pipeline.

Discover potential. Increase your attractivity score. Plan your future.

You will...

...get a complete overview of your employees' competencies with appose. In addition, appose provides you with market- and future-oriented recommendations for further training, and plans the competence development of new business areas for you.

You want...

...use company-wide competence management

Do you have hidden talents in your company that you want to discover? Create the foundation and map the status quo in a structured way. appose provides you with state-of-the-art tools and technologies that intelligently recognize and/or create connections.

...conduct company-wide competence development

Use appose to give your company's employees the best possible development opportunities: For your company and for motivated employees. appose provides you with the basics based on the latest market data. The attractivity score of employee profiles is displayed. In addition, appose recommends suggestions for competence development. Together with your employees, you can determine how the attractiveness of the competencies can be increased based on the emerging trends. develop new business areas

Instead of looking into a crystal ball, our Data Science Pipeline provides you with far-reaching information and analyses that give you an overview of which competencies are required for a new business field. Based on this, you are then shown the measures for developing the competencies of your existing resources. In this way, you can make data-based and well-founded decisions about which employees you should use to build up the new business field or what you should work on with external or new employees.

The package prices are calculated individually for you and your specific requirements. We take into account the number of employees with managerial functions as well as the number of knowledge workers who upload their profile. This is done quickly and easily with the aid of our Skill Management feature.

We would be happy to put together a bespoke package for you.

You always book for one month. If you don't cancel, the term is automatically extended by one month.

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