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Nils Keßler

Co-Founder and CTO. Basically the nerd in the team.

Image background Nils Keßler
As Chief Technical Officer, Nils makes fundamental technology and architecture decisions with the respective experts in the team. Together with the product managers, he plans and structures the solutions. These are implemented with the international development team.


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If you ask Nils why he is at appose, he'll give you three reasons:

I felt like working with Marko again.

The two know each other from Reutax and have realized new concepts for freelancers together.

To finally create digital solutions for the field of recruiting & achieve better results.

It's a perfect match, since appose was founded with precisely this goal in mind. The fact that the most modern technology and sustainable structures are used as a basis for this is the claim of an IT professional who's had a passion for information technology right out of the cradle.

Working in international, distributed teams appealed to me.

appose was able to fulfill this wish for him. Today, Nils manages an international team in Heidelberg and other teams that support appose from near shore locations.
He already has experience with startups. In 2014, he finally founded Hirango.com with a partner, which specialized in software solutions for recruiting and freelancer placement and matching. At the end of 2019, he left the company by selling his shares.

Nils in a nutshell

Born in 1978, he lives with his family in Heidelberg. He started programming at the age of 10. During school, he spent his free time with web developments, and from 1995, in his parents' IT company. In 2005 he started being self-employed, and develops software for personnel service providers since 2010. He met Marko and Mumi at Reutax in 2013.