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Our team

Alex Matskevych

CTO (Chief Technical Officer).

Image background Alex Matskevych
As Chief Technical Officer, Alex makes fundamental technology and architecture decisions with the fellow experts in the team. Together with the product managers, he plans and structures appose's product solutions. These are then executed and implemented in collaboration with the international development team.


Alex is the brains behind appose's artificial intelligence. Since January 2020, he has been working (initially as a data scientist) on the question of what knowledge employees in companies should learn in order to optimally prepare themselves and the company for the future. To do this, he analyses huge amounts of unstructured data, recognises patterns and thus develops the algorithms to make highly accurate predictions and recommendations. He's passionate about gathering knowledge and self-development, and is fascinated by new technologies, data, algorithms, and solving complex problems.

„The team is more than the sum of its parts“

What's special about him is his ability to not simply hide behind technology and algorithms, but to see himself as both a leader and integral part of a team. He knows that his skills are only useful if the people he works with understand how this knowledge can be presented and used. He values communication, exchange in the form of feedback, the principle of lifelong learning and, perhaps precisely because of his strong analytical skills, he finds the friction points and then systematically clears them out of the way.

„A thoroughly solution-oriented CTO. Technically and humanistically.“

With Alex, appose has an AI expert on board who drives and implements the use of artificial intelligence with thoughtfulness and a focus on its benefits. In his role as CTO, he can optimally effect change which aligns with the goals and ethos of appose.


Alex in a nutshell


Alex (born 1996) lives with his partner in Edingen. During his physics studies, he was already involved with artificial intelligence. As a balance to his complex and digital focus at work, he climbs mountains, chops firewood in the forest, or sets off fireworks at his friends' weddings. He keeps fit with weight training and jogging.