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As a Hiring or Resource Manager, you are responsible for finding the best talents, high potentials and experts for your company's teams.

Find the best experts. Internal or external!

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the best candidates, immediately. Once you have described your requirements, the best matches are automatically shown to you. Internal and external knowledge workers are taken into account.

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...manage competencies

Simply get the overview: Which competencies already exist and which are still needed? This is the basic prerequisite so that you can successfully fulfill the requirements that land on your desk.

...perfect Team Matching

Imagine a system that automatically recommends the right candidates for the positions you are looking for. A system that looks at the hard skills, but also takes into account the soft skills for the respective position. Sounds good? Then you should definitely get to know appose with its Team Finder function.

...find freelancers

Help yourself to the freelancer pool and find the right matches online immediately.

Package prices are calculated individually for you and your specific requirements. We take into account the number of employees with managerial functions as well as the number of knowledge workers who upload their profile.

We would be happy to put together a bespoke package for you.

You always book for one month. If you don't cancel, the term is automatically extended by one month. Do you still have

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