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You are...

...a freelancer and want to use your potential more effectively and especially in a future-oriented way.

We still miss you!

You want... contact with customers and clients. To be found? Contracts with fair conditions & on an even eye level? And above all, you are interested in developing your attractiveness in a future-oriented way.

You want... found

With the Freelancer Marketplace we create the place on the internet where all freelancers can be found and contacted. You should not be missing. You decide in which way and with which information you present yourself. Oh yes, this might be important for you: The one who is searching does not have to register or pay money.

...a higher fee

Of course you're thinking: Great phrase to lure me into the marketplace. But we are serious and have even two arguments here: 1. We bring clients and freelancers together and enable collaboration without the usual commission model. 2. The data science pipeline of our platform provides you with recommendations, with which competencies you can increase the attractiveness of your profile: market- and future-oriented.

...contracts received

Imagine that your potential client advertises a project and sees in no time that you are one of the perfect candidates. The result is not based on simple database comparisons but was determined by learning machine algorithms that take into account your hard skills, soft skills, your roles and your experience. In other words, much more than a typical recruiter can do today. Digital has its advantages. The client's internal workforce has already been considered in the search. Naturally, they'll contact you right away. A dream, isn't it?

Your appose profile costs you 19.80 euros per month for the full range of functions. Additional options, such as the publication of articles, can be booked for a fee.

The functionality will be available in December 2021, including public search. Let us know if you want to join the Early Birds. Spaces are limited and you will need an invitation.

Subject to change without notice. All prices are subject to the statutory value added tax.

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