The best workforce with appose.

appose, the AI-based human resources platform for a new world of work.
Supports targeted personnel development
appose uses foresighted market and trend data to provide specific support to internal and external employees in the development of relevant skills.
Combines the best project teams from the available workforce
appose determines the best team for every task because the learning algorithm combines and considers both hard and soft skills.
Complements the workforce with experienced freelancers
appose redefines collaboration and connects companies and freelancers directly and digitally. Simpler. Fairer. Better fits.

Ready for the markets of today and tomorrow.

appose is your step into the future of human resources. The digital platform that learns your processes to make them easier, faster, and safer. appose relies on the capabilities of artificial intelligence to analyze and evaluate real-time data from employees and markets as quickly as possible. The result? Competitive companies. Successful teams. Satisfied people. Everything on one platform.

A revolution in the development and use of your workforce.

appose is the best human resources assistant ever. 
The platform learns your needs and helps you to keep your workforce up to par. Teams on demand? appose assembles the best group from all the possible options. The algorithm also considers soft skills and suggests personalities who will be perfect for the task and perfectly matched with other team members. And: appose connects you directly with experienced IT freelancers. You have access to all the talent you need, all in a single system.

The right skills, both hard and soft 

appose supports employee development based on an individual skill profile that maps professional, social, and personal skills. Among other things, appose relies on a scientifically based behavior test. appose calculates the desirability and value for each skill profile and suggests development opportunities as necessary.

Find IT specialists more easily

appose connects you directly with the freelancers you are looking for. These experts are available in talent pools and are all personally supported by the appose team. Once you have chosen your freelancers, just contact us easily and directly via the platform to hire them at fair conditions and without long negotiations.

Successful teams with AI

appose brings certainty to team recruiting. The algorithm matches your project goals and the corporate culture with hard and soft skills from internal and external employees – automatically and in seconds. The result: the best teams for every task and for every budget. Speaking of budget, appose lets you keep that in mind at all times.

Focused on the market and trends

appose independently and regularly analyzes market and trend data. appose compares this strategic data with the skill profiles of registered users, recognizes their potential, and gives companies and employees recommendations for action in order to remain relevant in the future with skills and offers.

Modern computer technology for successful talent management.

Companies that trust in appose: 

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Support your workforce in developing their skills and planning their careers while finding the best teams for every challenge at the push of a button. Want to use appose? Looking for freelancers for your industry? Still have questions? Our team is happy to help.
For freelancers

Your partner for finding the right projects and targeted skills development.

appose is a digital platform that connects you directly to companies and interesting projects. 
We consider your professional skills, who you are as a person and the things you enjoy doing. We find the ideal teams and tasks for you from countless possibilities. Want to develop professionally? appose will support your career planning. And, even though we do use artificial intelligence, our team consists of experienced professionals who value personal contact with you. Give it a try.

Your personal profile

You are more than your professional skills. For your individual profile on the platform, appose also considers your soft skills such as leading people and self-organization. To do this, appose uses, among other things, a scientifically based behavior test. The results of this test are strictly confidential and only available to you.

Find suitable projects and teams

appose compares your hard and soft skills with the corporate culture and the personalities of the other team members and only connects you with projects that really suit you. Everything at fair conditions and based on your current availability: with just a few clicks you can plan and control your personal workload. 

Develop the right skills for the market

appose changes how you plan for and develop the success of your business. The algorithm independently analyzes markets and trends and compares them with your skill profile. If your market desirability and value decrease, appose makes suggestions on how to stay up-to-date and acquire sought-after skills.

Know your own value

appose automatically determines the value of your skill profile based on local compensation structures. Want to see your fees increase? appose supports your career planning and suggests appropriate measures, further training, or projects that will advance your career. appose considers every new development step in your personal profile. 

Using artificial intelligence to better utilize available resources.

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appose is still in development and is currently aimed exclusively at independent IT specialists. For example, are you a developer, programmer, UI/UX designer, or project manager with a focus on IT? We'd love to hear from you.
About us

AI at work.

In a dynamic world, we want to support people to keep pace and develop personally. Our digital platform uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence and helps companies and freelancers to be competitive. At the same time, we are convinced that cooperation can be more direct and easier for both sides, with less cost and more success. To achieve this, we use a learning algorithm that recommends teams that are a perfect match, professionally and personally. Our goal is to become a world-leading workforce platform for the development and deployment of a highly qualified, satisfied workforce. Are you with us?