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Anticipate competency needs.

Competence Predictions for robust future projections

In order to be perfectly positioned for tomorrow, it is no longer enough to further develop the qualifications of individual employees. Entire companies must be transformed; many job roles will disappear and be replaced by completely new job profiles. Knowing the future requirements as precisely as possible is therefore essential in order to make well-founded decisions. Competence Predictions lays the foundation for this: global HR data on skills, methods, and behavioral competencies are combined in a multidimensional data space with data on supply, demand, and competitive competency models. The result: robust future projections as a basis for successful and meaningful personnel development activities.

Core Functions

  • Dynamic skill ontology / taxonomy in different industries
  • Dynamic job-role service in different industries
  • Dynamic service to generate competency models in different industries
  • Determination of individual upskilling & reskilling recommendations
  • Development of learning paths for the development of a competence profile
  • Identification of transformation options for the whole, or parts of, the workforce
  • Matching of project teams while taking soft skills into consideration 


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